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A written timber sale contract is the best protection for the landowner and logger and should include this important information:image1.jpg (14134 bytes)

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Which trees to cut or leave standing

Ball.gif (941 bytes)Amount, method, and timing of payment.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Evidence of current workers' comp. insurance on all  employees

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Map showing location of roads,
landings and boundaries

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Condition of woodland after the sale (trash removed, roads graded, etc.)

Ball.gif (941 bytes)  Timing of harvest and duration of contract

Ball.gif (941 bytes) System of settling disputes

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Adherence to Best Management Practices

Follow-up After the Sale

Follow-up activities may be needed, such as a firewood cleanup cut or seeding landings and roads to minimize erosion. In addition, you should properly account for timber sales revenue to minimize income taxes. Check with a qualified tax professional about capital gains, depletion allowance and other timber tax considerations.

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Best Management Practices

All landowners should be concerned about protecting their lakes and streams, especially during a timber harvest operation. Best Management Practices (MBPS) have been developed for Michigan to ensure that road-building and logging associated with timber management are done in a manner that minimizes impacts on streams and lakes. Road location, bridge and culvert installation, proper waste oil disposal and buffer strips are all practices designed to protect your valuable water quality. For more information on Michigan's "Water Quality Management Practices on Forest Land" Visit

    The American Forest & Paper Association has also developed a BMP brochure for private landowners. For a copy of the publication, please contact the Michigan Forest Alliance at 1-800-474-1718 or visit them at

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