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Ball.gif (941 bytes) How long have you been in business? How long have current crew members been with you?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Are you and your employees covered by workers' compensation and liability insurance? What are the dollar limits, and what kinds of accidents are covered? Will you provide me with certificates of workers' compensation and liability insurance coverage?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) What kinds of equipment do you use? How does it match up with the conditions and requirements of my site?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Do you handle the entire logging process, or use subcontractors for part of the work? If the latter, how do you ensure that your quality goals are met?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) What types of roads and skid trails do you normally construct? What equipment do you use to build them? How will my skid trails, landings, and haul roads look when you've completed the logging operation?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Have you completed any kind of logger training/continuing education program? Are you accredited, certified, or licensed in any way?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) How would you handle a dispute over timber trespass (the inadvertent or willful theft of timber) or cutting practices? What options do I have if my or my neighbor's property is damaged?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) What Best Management Practices do you normally implement? Which ones would be needed on my forest?

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Can you supply me with references of previous jobs and to some of the mill you deal with?

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