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How To Choose A Quality Logger


Timber Harvesters really earn their keep. Their chosen profession is potentially dangerous and physically demanding, usually entails long hours in remote and difficult terrain, and requires a huge outlay in mechanical equipment and personnel costs.

   To compete safely and efficiently today, a professional logger must be up to date on technology and safety, understand and implement the variety of regulations designed to protect natural resources, and manage people effectively--all of which equates to being a good business person.

Like any other group of professionals, loggers have a wide variety of skills, experience, personalities, attitudes, and equipment. As you talk to candidates for your timber harvest, try to match the logger's operation with your forest stand and objectives. Talk to the logger, in person to get a feel for his or her character, reliability, sense of stewardship, and willingness to understand and meet your goals.

On-site visit as you narrow your decision down to a very few candidates, visit a current or recently completed harvesting operation for each logger. If you visit an active logging operation, inspect the equipment and the site, and look at the work overall. Items to look for during the on-site visit include: condition of logging equipment and haul trucks, whether woods workers wear hard hats and other personal protective equipment, how trees excluded from the timber sale are protected, condition of streams and stream crossings, and appearance of skid trails, landings, and haul roads at the conclusion of the logging operation. You'll learn a lot about the expertise of the professional timber harvester and whether that particular operation would be right for your sale.

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