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Starting The Chain Saw

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     There are 3 acceptable ways to start the chain saw and 1 that is not acceptable.


Ground Starting: This method works all right if you have a small saw and small feet. Lay the saw flat on the ground, lock the chain brake, turn the ignition switch on, close the choke all the way, ensure the bar’s tip and the chain are completely off of the ground and not touching anything. Place one foot inside the pistol grip, wrap one hand around the top of the handle bar, with the thumb wrapped completely around it. Pull the starter rope with the other hand. Some people hold the saw down with their knee on top of the power head but I don't recommend this as you can slip off.

Groin Starting: This method is also for small saws and those who are of stout heart. The chain break is engaged, turn the ignition on, close the choke all the way, the pistol grip in inserted between and about the mid-point of the thighs and clamped tightly. The handle bar is gripped tightly with one hand, with the thumb wrapped completely around it. The starter rope is pulled with the other. If you decide to use this method, I hope your saw starts easily and quickly. Do not try this with a high compression chain saw. You might hurt yourself.

Professional Starting: Most professional operators use this method. It is also called the "sling start". Engage the chain brake, turn the ignition switch on, close the choke all of the way, rest the bar on a log or anything non-abrasive (not on rocks, dirt or the tail gate of your pickup), one hand on the pistol grip pushing the power head down quickly and pulling the starter rope with the other, at the same time. The first time the engine tries to start, open the choke all of the way open. Keep pulling on the starting rope until the engine starts. For a well tuned saw, 3 pulls of the starting rope should be enough. When your chain saw becomes old and worn out, it will probably take more than 3 pulls to get it going. Some high compression chain saws still have a compression release built into them. It is there for a reason and should be used when starting the saw. Turn it off after the saw has started.


"Air Drop" Starting: This method has injured many operators over the years and is against the law to use. Holding the handle bar with one hand with the ignition turned on, the choke open and the bar/chain unsupported, the chain saw is moved in a downward motion while the starter rope is pulled. As the bar is completely unsupported it can go anywhere. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD!!!

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